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About Art of Trade Merchant Services

Art of Trade Merchant Services specializes in tailoring payment solutions around you, and we have a full range of solutions to help you meet your business goals. We can help you get paid faster, expand your sales channels, reduce payment processing costs, and have all your payment transaction data automatically flow into your accounting or ERP software.

Our goal is to provide your organization with the competitive edge, through realistic and cost effective solutions.



William (Bill) Dickenson - Principal & Founder

Bill has over 35 years experience in the retail, hospitality, technology and government sectors. He has worked with such brands as; Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Starbucks, Sofitel Hotels, American Express, Industry Standard, Martha Stewart, Dwell, and Business 2.0 Magazines.

He has also worked directly with local, regional and federal government agencies to reduce costs and deliver a higher level of service. Bill attended Golden Gate University, Business School and California Culinary Academy both located in San Francisco, California.

Contact : 415.744.0416 or 650.759.0622 email : Bill@ArtofTradeMS.com


Brian Foote- Technology Partner

Brian has over 20 years experience specializing on web-based software using Microsoft technologies. He has work on projects for The Computer Solution Company located in Richmond, VA.

Brian has successfully delivered solutions for a diverse set of clients including ACS, Infineon, World Access Services Corp, Amerigroup, Reader's Digest and the United States Army.

He developed one of the first comprehensive electronic health record systems "Direct Access", used by state-administered Medicaid for the states of Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky and Wyoming programs while working with ACS, a Xerox company. Brian enjoys writing articles for my blog and working on open source projects. Brian founded and operates Gurubyte Inc., a software services company based in Williamsburg VA.


2007 - Underground Operations, LLC

Bill formed UO, in 2007 to run his successful busniess advisory practice. He consults owners and principals of retail, hospitality, technology and government operations.

2010 - Art of Trade Merchant Services

Bill formed ATMS, to uncover the real cost of electronic payments. His clients and former colleagues asked the question and Bill delivered. To date Bill has lowered payment processing cost for his clients an average of 30%-40%. That is a direct savings month one, and the cash goes right back into the operation. Bill continues to work on solutions that reduce costs and increase revenues for his clients.

2011 - Started work on Cloud based POS aka: GuruByteShop

Seeing the need for a cloud based (hosted on remote server and connect to your store through an internet or cellular connection) POS system. After 25 years of working in the retail and hospitality sectors, Bill saw the need for a cost effective solution to run POS transactions. He also saw the need to connect all store fronts (retail brick & mortar + online + mobile). Bill said "You now have the cost effective technology that works to do it, why don't we do it!"

2012 - Launched the GuruByteShop

> ATMS advises businesses in the US and now Europe. > ATMS clients process $100,000,000 in electronic payments annually. > ATMS launches "Point of Citation" (POC), a ticket payment system. Used to collect violation payments when and where the citation is issued.

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  • SEO Features
  • Recurring Payments
  • Hand Held POS
  • Tablet Based POS
  • Cloud Based POS
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